About Us and FAQs

About Kitchko

Kitchko is a platform that empowers communities of chefs and foodies from all cultures through the gift of accessible, affordable, artisanal food. We allow anybody the chance to build a business, share cherished recipes, tell their story, taste exotic flavours, experience a traditional family meal and access affordable artisanal food from the comfort of their own home.

We started the Work Lunch Program because we wanted to make it easier to bring our chef's delicious food to your workspace!

If you are interested in seeing what else our chefs have been cooking up, feel free to explore our marketplace through the link below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to try other food from these chefs?

You can explore our Chef's full range of dishes through our primary platform on our main website: Kitchko.com

Why do we have set menus?

This set menu was intentionally curated to give participants on our work lunch program to explore dishes from around the world, and explore different cuisines with their coworkers.

Why do we have to subscribe for the month?

In order to preserve the high quality standards we have for our food, we need to let our chefs know ahead of time so that they are able to get the freshest ingredients and have sufficient time to cook their delicious meals. This is ultimately to help support our chefs, and ensure you have access to delicious food.

Contact Us

You can reach us through email via: